DBS Cashline. Access finances when you really need it many. Merely 0.06% interest a day.

DBS Cashline. Access finances when you really need it many. Merely 0.06% interest a day.

Without delay

Accessibility funds fast with DBS Cashline, and luxuriate in these importance:

Minimum day-to-day interest of 0.06% ^

The daily-rated interest provides you with a lot more mobility on repaying if you need whilst you delight in discount as much as 80per cent in passions and charge in comparison to payday loans.

^ day-to-day interest of 0.06per cent was determined centered on 365 era in the current interest of 20.5per cent p.a.

Versatile repayments

Payback anytime – times, months or several months with no fees that are additional.

Simple to use

Work just like a bank account that is regular. Distributions, exchanges, expenses costs and much more, on-line or at A automatic teller machine.

Brand new function! – appreciate decreased stress and miss out the should offer earnings paperwork once you recover their private information via MyInfo.

Wake up to 10X their month-to-month income

  • Have profit all the way to 4X your own month-to-month wage
  • 10X whether your income that is annual is120,000 and above

Simple tips to opened a free account

  • Apply via iBanking or Digibank app
  • Miss out the have to render earnings papers, only access your own information that is personal via
  • Love decreased instant and paperwork affirmation with right Through handling, in case the earnings try paid into a DBS/POSB deposit profile
  • Here’s a record of necessary papers you’ll requirement for the application

No set repayment durations

  • Payback because easily while you desire or once you bring resources
  • No repayment that is early

Low interest

  • 20.5percent per year, effortlessly 0.06% each day
  • No interest will become billed if no levels is employed

How to make use of DBS Cashline levels

  • Cashline Vehicle Top-up: connect the Current/Savings levels to the Cashline profile and revel in smooth top-up provider when your Current/Savings balance drops below a pre-set stage
  • Move funds, withdraw finances and cover expenses with DBS/POSB ATMs, DBS Digibank/iBanking or Cashline chequebook
  • Generate transactions via AXS maker, AXS m-Station, AXS e-Station and NETS point-of-sale

No repaired repayment times

  • Repay as rapidly while you need or if you posses resources
  • No repayment that is early

Low interest

  • 20.5percent per year, efficiently 0.06% a day
  • No interest shall feel energized if no levels is employed


Fixed payment with DBS unsecured loan, if you want a self-disciplined solution to making month-to-month monthly payments.

  • From as little as 3.88% p.a. + 1% control cost (E.I.R. 7.56percent p.a.)
  • Tenures between 1 to five years
  • Instant finances paid into the accounts

Interest loan that is free DBS stability move

  • Interest economy – enjoy 0% rate of interest for as much as year
  • Versatile repayment – cover from less than S$50 or 2.5percent regarding the declaration stability, whichever is actually greater

Conduct on line purchases with DBS Cashline:

Login to digibank

Choose Wages & Move

Choose Cashline as Investment Resource

Qualifications & Costs

Charge and expenses

# The reinstatement into the Prevailing Interest speed is likely to be successful in the first day time after your following declaration day when the minimal repayments due on 3 straight comments are designed in strong or ahead of the particular installment repayment dates.

Credit Score Rating Bureau Document

From 1 April 2016, within 30 calendar days from the date of approval or rejection of this application via the credit bureau website listed below if you wish to have a free credit report, you may obtain it. Instead, you may possibly deliver the affirmation or rejection page as well as your NRIC into the after credit score rating bureau’s authorized workplace to have a no-cost credit history.

* The complimentary Credit Bureau Report” are limited and then program of a product that is new as Cashline, bank card, more learn advise. Solutions such as for example borrowing limit boost, balances exchange / Personal mortgage paid from current services present primary cardholders trying to get another card(s) aren’t eligible to the no-cost credit file.


Exactly exactly exactly How are DBS Cashline distinct from a personal bank loan?

DBS Cashline Personal Loan
Description DBS Cashline try really a line that is personal of to suit your short term credit desires. Think about it a standby stash of cash. Personal debts nevertheless, tend to be lasting loans spanning anyplace from 1-5 many years.
Repayment Repaying their DBS Cashline levels try flexible. Payback it in era, months or period. There was best the absolute minimum repayment that is monthly of% of one’s exceptional quantity or S$50, whichever was higher. Personal Debts supply a hard and fast repayment that is monthly including 1-5 decades.
Interest/Fee Interest is accrued daily at 20.5per cent p.a. (or 0.06percent daily) without any handling cost. Fixed interest are recharged upfront over the financing period. From 3.88% p.a. + 1% running cost (E.I.R 7.56percent p.a.)

Just just just How was DBS Cashline distinctive from cash loan?

Cashline Cash Advance
Description DBS Cashline try really a line that is personal of to suit your short term borrowing from the bank requires. Think about it a standby stash of cash. Cash Advance are an element in your charge card which provides funds as much as your own available bank card limit.
Interest/Fee Interest was accumulated daily at 20.5per cent p.a. (or 0.06percent a day) without any control cost. Interest try accumulated daily at 28% p.a. (or 0.07percent each day) and also a 8% initial operating fee from the quantity taken.

Just just exactly How are interest computed?

Interest in the business should be calculated on a basis that is daily by multiplying the exceptional balances on places because of the recommended rates then dividing by 365/366 ( within a leap season), at the mercy of a minimal interest fee of S$10.00.

As an example: guess your withdraw out of your DBS Cashline fund S$5,000 for 30 calendar weeks.

DBS Cashline detachment: S$5,000
Interest for 1 month: (30/365) x 20.5% p.a. x S$5,000 = S$85

Just how do I make an application for DBS Cashline when I hit “Apply today”?

You’ll be able to submit an application for DBS Cashline in three straight ways:

  1. iBanking Login: Input the iBanking password to try to get DBS Cashline.
  2. Debit/ATM credit PIN: Input the Debit or Automatic Teller Machine cards quantity together with the PIN quantity you utilize at the Automatic Teller Machine. Please‘Credit that is select’ if you merely bring an individual Credit cards.
  3. If you find yourself a new comer to DBS: Select ‘I have actually nothing associated with above’ and go to complete within the kind.

May I access my personal DBS Cashline membership immediately?

For established DBS/POSB clients, when your wage happens to be paid up to a DBS/POSB deposit membership, it is possible to appreciate direct Through handling. As soon as accepted, their DBS Cashline levels are accessible and active immediately.

My personal DBS Cashline levels are eligible. Could I drawdown the money immediately from my personal DBS Cashline profile?

Yes, when your own DBS Cashline profile was eligible, you are able to drawdown money and play more transactions that are financial DBS Cashline.

Just how much could I need through my personal DBS Cashline?

Go ahead and burn up your credit that is available limit your bank account. Once you’ve paid back your own lent amount back in the levels, the borrowing limit is likely to be revived towards the amount that is original.

Just just What works really does DBS Cashline provide in websites financial?

The functions that are following become carried out:

Simply how much carry out we need to pay straight back?

You simply have to payback the monthly minimal repayment of 2.5% regarding the exceptional stability or S$50, whichever are larger, plus any overlimit or delinquent quantity.

Just how do I discover when and exactly how much to cover?

Your own DBS Cashline statement that is monthly of will tell you your own lowest payment due plus your deadline. The month-to-month declaration of levels will detail all of your distributions and deposits within a month through the declaration big date.

How can I generate monthly payments?

Miss out the waiting line and work out smooth payment via DBS iBanking or Digibank software. Monthly payments produced include quickly mirrored in your own DBS Cashline membership.

More payment options (means 1 – 3 trading days for operating):

    • Utilizing AXS
      • AXS Station – self-service kiosks
      • AXS QuickBill – over-the-counter at Cheers & Fairprice Xpress shops
      • AXS e-Station – online at www.axs.com.sg
      • AXS m-Station – mobile software on IOS & Android os
    • Making use of all of our DBS/POSB ATMs
    • Fast Cheque Deposit / Cheque Mail-in
    • Earnings Payment at DBS/POSB branches

How do I submit an application for a borrowing limit analysis?

To use, be sure to submit the DBS Cashline borrowing limit Overview type, printing, indication and post (or fax) the program form to all of us because of the necessary earnings documentation.

What exactly is CashCare Guard?

** this plan of action will not include pre-existing conditions that are medical. a prepared amount of 3 months can be applied for declare of crucial or cancer benefit that is early.

Whenever will a pastime change getting included with your bank account?

When the lender doesn’t get the needed minimum fees by the deadline (as an example, deadline on 25 Summer as explained within the instance below), the attention speed appropriate to their DBS Cashline profile is likely to be enhanced by 8% p.a. in addition to the Prevailing Interest speed (“Increased Interest Rate”). This enhanced interest will probably be put on the balance that is outstanding the DBS Cashline accounts through the first day time following the big date of this consequent DBS Cashline fund statement appropriate their DBS Cashline membership declaration (i.e. August statement that is’s and put to calculate the loans fees appropriate your DBS Cashline accounts.

This interest that is additional will probably be used regardless of if lowest payment was gotten from the financial on or ahead of the deadline associated with appropriate thirty days (for example. in July).

In case the minimal costs were created in complete or before their particular particular repayment dates for 4 successive period (in additional statement. for August, September, Oct and November comments), the elevated rate of interest will be reinstated into the Prevailing Interest speed regarding the first day that is working your upcoming report day (in more keywords. November’s declaration).


Mention: In this sample, the Prevailing Interest price is actually presumed are 20.5% p.a.

I didn’t ask for a chequebook to start with but I wish to get one today, exactly exactly exactly what can I do?

We motivate you to execute investment exchanges or even to make use of an IB e-cheque in net financial.

If you wish to own a bodily chequebook, it is possible to head to all of our DBS/POSB limbs add the demand. Take note that chequebooks is likely to be shipped to your mailing target within 5-7 business days.

I’ve wanted for the chequebook and now haven’t obtained they but, whenever should we count on it to achieve?

Take note that chequebook are going to be sent your mailing target within 5-7 business days.

How can I get yourself a brand-new chequebook once my personal recent any works aside?

There’s no need certainly to ask for a brand new chequebook. We’re going to give you an one that is new your present chequebook run off.

How do I make use of the e-cheque usability in Web financial (IB)?

It is possible to choose IB e-cheque under “Transfer” > “More exchange Services” > buy Cheque (post). This particular provider are totally free. (facts)

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